2018 Class Schedule

SAQ- Speed, Agility, Quickness

Phase 1 Sports has been the leader in athlete development for over 15 years. Our specialty has been and continues to be athletic functional movement. With many requests from our athletes and parents, we offer speed, agility, quickness training 6 days a week. 


  • Monday 4pm (Group 1 ages 7-12) (Group 2 ages 13+)  
  • Tuesday 6pm (Group 1 ages 7-12) (Group 2 ages 13+)
  • Wednesday 6pm (Group 1 ages 7-12) (Group 2 ages 13+)   
  • Thursday 6pm (Group 1 ages 7-12) (Group 2 ages 13+)
  • Friday 4pm (Group 1 ages 7-12) (Group 2 ages 13+)
  • Saturday 8am (Group 1 ages 7-12) (Group 2 ages 13+)


Athlete Functional Strength Training: 

While speed, agility, quickness will alway receive the most attention, functional strength training is key in overall athlete development. We are not talking about your traditional bench, squat, deadlift program, but true functional strength. Exercises like dynamic power lunge, prowler drags, band resistance kettle bells and core development. The principles of functional training combined with SAQ is the perfect combination to maximize your results!


  • Monday 3pm (Advance Athlete Performance Only)  
  • Tuesday 5pm (Advance Athlete Performance Only)
  • Wednesday 5pm (Advance Athlete Performance Only)   
  • Thursday 5pm (Advance Athlete Performance Only)
  • Friday 3pm (Advance Athlete Performance Only)

Yes, that means athletes can focus on functional strength training for one hour and go right into speed, agility, quickness for the second hour of training. 

Adult Athletic Cross-Training

"Train Like An Athlete" From beginner level fitness to the advanced weekend warrior our Adult Athletic X-Training classes will get you to your next level of fitness. These classes incorporate traditional exercises along with athletic movements to maximize results. So if your inner athlete is ready to be in the best shape of your life, we will see you in class!


  • Monday 6pm (beginner-advanced)
  • Tuesday 6pm (beginner-advanced)
  • Wednesday 6pm (beginner-advanced)
  • Thursday 6pm (beginner-advanced)
  • Friday 6pm (beginner-advanced)
  • Saturday 8am (beginner-advanced)


"My goal is to maximize the results of every Phase 1 Athlete"
-Michael Waters

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